The enterprise was created 1964 by the acting Axel Hoeffer and is in own 1,400 square meter large business buildings on 11,000 square meter reason. At present are 40 coworkers with the production of the collection, which logistics and the administration employ.

About 1.100 specialized trade customers are served in Europe with the registered label Mona Lisa. Is offered the size to 40 to 60, whereby the maintained, modern lady is addressed between 25 and 50 years as a target group.

Business development
Since introduction of the label Mona Lisa is obtained from season to season a two digit growth rate. To be understood renamed since 2007 our mark Mara Lea into the label Mona Lisa talking LINE, somewhat more briefly, more scarcely and younger is the mode statement; Port sizes of 40 - 54.

Company ideology
First-class celling of our specialist dealers is our highest goal, that subjects our business decisions.